dispus 2.9 – now handles huge directories

There has been a long-standing bug in dispus with handling of directories containing thousands of files due to a command-line-too-long problem when passing the list of files to the du command. It’s now fixed by running it through xargs and using the IPC::Open2 library to run it, allowing me to pass the list of filenames in via standard input. If you have no /usr/bin/xargs on your system, it will fall back to the old method.

Enjoy the new version – it has been 7 years coming!


I’m still alive! Just very quiet.

I have just published tgmlify, a tool for syntax highlighting code in Tek-Tips posts.

ViperMan 0.5 (beta) released

I’ve just released ViperMan 0.5, the second public beta of my Viper Racing setup management utility.  The latest changes are:

  • Added a ReadMe
  • Fixed a bug saving the ride height when a car with fixed ride height was selected
  • Disable setup options for fixed values
  • Added LapMan location to options so you only need one copy installed on your system
  • Other cosmetic user interface improvements


dispus 2.7 with ‘human-readable’ format

I’ve just released dispus 2.7 after a feature request by gatetek at the Tek-Tips forums.  The script can be modified to set $human_readable to 1 if you prefer file and filesystem sizes in units of 1.23 KB, 3.45 MB and 6.78 GB as opposed to 123,456,789 KB.

dispus redundant?

SamBones simple, incisive solution for analysis of disk space usage effectively renders dispus redundant.  Ah well, it was a good exercise in PERL.  🙂  A few people seem to like it, so I will continue to maintain it anyway, should any maintenance be required…

Incidentally, the command he suggested for Solaris was:

du -kod /export/home | sort -rn | head -20

The equivalent for Linux would be:

du -kxS /export/home | sort -rn | head -20

Welcome to the Frozen Depths…

My previous home on StormLoader.com was removed without so much as a by-your-leave, and the very unhelpful folks there would neither restore it nor allow me to create a new page at the same location, so no chance of redirecting the thousands of hits per day *ahem* to here.  Ah well.  I guess you get what you don’t pay for; but as my wife says, manners cost nothing.

I know it looks a little rough at the moment, but I don’t expect anyone will be seeing it for some time, so I worry not.


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