ViperMan 0.5

ViperMan is a setup management utility for Monster Gaming Inc.’s Viper Racing simulator, released in 1998.  Amongst its many talents are:

  • Edit setups outside the game, which is especially handy for copying them from an email or web page.  You can use the keyboard instead of clicking little up/down arrows if you wish.  It is aware of tracks that are both active and ‘disabled’ using Frank P Wolf’s TrackMan v1.3b and cars that are active or disabled using CarMan v2.2.
  • Copy and paste setups from one slot to another, one track to another, or one VR installation to another.
  • Launch the game from one of multiple installation locations.
  • Launch Frank P Wolf’s utilities from the selected installation location.
  • Open a Windows Explorer window in the selected installation location.

Click for full resolution

Currently this is beta software, so please back up your setups before using it. 

SetupViperMan-0.5.exe (369,636 bytes)

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